2017 Tynedale Invitational Meet

Sunday, April 2, 2017

Warm-Up Time: 08:00

Location: Wentworth Leisure Centre, Hexham NE46 3PD

The pool is 6 lane 25m deck level with anti-turbulance ropes and electronic timing. Meet management system is SportSystems. There will be a continuous swim down facilty (17m) and limited spectator accomodation.

Spectator entry fee is £5 all day or £3 per session. Programmes are £3 each. Entry Fee per event £5.

*** The following is an extract from the Meet Conditions provided by Tynedale (See our notice board): ***

All swimmers must be registered with the club they are representing.

The meet will be swum under ASA Laws and Technical Rules.

A Level 3 licence has been applied for.

Only those swimmers who have achieved the ASA Competitive Start Award may start from the blocks. Other swimmers should start in the water.

Heats will be seeded according to submitted entry times. Times and placing displayed are for information only and may not reflect the official result. The Referee's decision is final.

There are no upper cut off times. However if oversubscribed, rejections will be made from the swimmers with entry times faster than the attached qualifying times. 8 & 9 year olds will both be rejected if faster than the 9 year times. We would aim to accept an equal number of both age groups. Please note that because the meet is invitational it is not expected that we will need to reject any swimmers.

All events are heat declared winner.

Click here for meet conditions

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