Fund Raising - Bonus Ball 07/09/19

Fund Raising - Bonus Ball 07/09/19 No.08

The Bonus Ball is a fund raising lottery run by the club which benefits both the club and the winners. Members pay £1 per week in advance for a National Lottery number between 1-59. Each week the National Lottery draw a Bonus Ball and the member holding that number wins £30 in the Club Lottery. If all numbers are sold £30 goes to the winner and the remaining £29 to the club. In practice most members pay a number of weeks in advance and keep the same number. Where there is no winner, £15 is 'rolled over' to the next winner and the remainder to the club. This fund raising activity helps to subsidise many aspects of club activity, including fees, equipment, training days etc. If all numbers were sold about £1,500 per year would be raised for the club.

Tracy and Stuart Cogan run the Bonus Ball on behalf of the club. If anyone is interested in joining please speak to them or one of the ladies on the table Tues/Thurs.

Recent Winners:

Date          No.  Winner

20.07.19    32  No Winner (Rollover £15)

27.07.19    03  Mandy Smith (£45)

03.08.19    31  No Winner (Rollover £15)

10.08.19    49  Tommy Messenger (£45)

17.08.19    45  Many Goldie (£30)

24.08.19    38  Sharon Fraser (£30)

31.08.19    15  Janine O'Mahoney (£30)

07.09.19    08  Martin Tickner (£30)