Swimming Arrangements December 2017

Swimming Arrangements December 2017

Dear Swimmer / Parent

In the week of 18 to 21 December the lights in the ladies’ changing room and both showers are being replaced.   This means that there will be a few changes to our normal routine.  The 25m pool is closed to the general public, but we will continue to train there.

This will involve:

Before your swim Please arrive at the Pools wearing your swim gear walk through the gym and get changed on poolside.

After your swim: either:

  •          Change in the Men’s Changing rooms in cubicles
  •          Dry yourself off and put something on your feet to walk to the 20m changing village
  •          You can dry off and wear tracksuit / onesie home to change properly at home


As we have sole use of the pool this allows us to change the times slightly (mainly affects Masters)


1700 to 1900

1900 to 2100

Mon  18    

A squad & C may attend

B squad & Masters

Tues 19 

D squad (1800 to 1900)

A & C squad; B may attend

Wed  20 

A squad & B may attend

C squad & Masters

Thu  21 

Morning Training will be 0700 to 0900

No evening session – morning only


Changing Room Use- A small number of swimmers have expressed discomfort at members of the opposite gender changing in their changing room, even under the supervision of a parent.  We would expect all swimmers to be able to dress themselves, and therefore not need an adult with them, consequently request that all members use the appropriate changing room.

If your child does need help with dressing, and are accompanied by a parent of the opposite gender, please speak to one of the coaches who will suggest an appropriate venue.  (This has happened in the past when an MC girl was accompanied by her father.)

2018 Membership fees:  These are due to be paid before 19 January 2018.  Please see this link for more details.

Bag packing:  We need your help with our Bag Packing at Morrison’s on Wednesday 20 December –see The Notice Board for details.

Cumbria Age Groups:  Please get your entries in as soon as possible.