Notification of a Special General Meeting (SGM)

Notification of a Special General Meeting (SGM)

Dear Member,

I have been asked to notify you, on behalf of the club committee, of a Special General Meeting to be held at 7pm on the Thursday 11th October in The Pools to review and agree to proposed changes to our Club Constitution.

A copy of the proposed update to our constitution can be found in our document library on the club website using the following link:

Changes have been made to the following areas of the constitution and are highlighted in Bold Red text for clarity in the proposal:

Section 3 – Membership (3.7)

Section 4 – Subscription and other fees (4.2)

Section 8 – Officers (8.2)

An addition to Section 8 (8.4) has also been made covering the role of President/Vice President within the club.

Please take time to review the proposals prior to the meeting; if you have any questions relating to these changes please get in touch with us via my club email 

Yours sincerely

Sam Bell

Carlisle Aquatics Club Secretary

OBO of Carlisle Aquatics Committee