Membership Renewal 2018 - IMPORTANT

Membership Renewal 2018 - IMPORTANT

It’s that time of year again, the dreaded membership renewal.

We have made some important changes to our data protection policy to ensure that the club complies with the GDPR legislation coming into force May 2018. The main difference is that we can no longer accept implied consent so please make sure you read and tick the appropriate boxes so we can make use of any photography.

The ASA have brought their annual deadline for renewals forward to end Feb 2018. This is a month earlier than last year and will mean that the club will need to set a deadline of 19th Jan 2018 for all renewals to allow us to process the forms in time. It is always a stressful time of year for those involved in processing and chasing up late forms so please do everything you can to help us and ensure your forms are handed into the club desk in good time.

In order to minimise the amount of time and effort our volunteers have to spend chasing membership and training fees we would ask that all training/membership/ASA fees are paid by standing order through your bank using a simple online bank reference (found on the back page of the membership page). If in doubt the reference is first six letters of surname followed by first six letters of forename, for example: EXAMPLSWIMMER. If either part of your name is not long enough just follow on with the next 6 characters, for example: SMITHDIANE.

Followed by a brief description of what the payment is for, for example: TRNB or ASAMEM


Please do not mix more than one swimmer into one payment as our system will attempt to match a swimmer to the reference given above. If you are paying for a family membership please use the first member in your list for the full family membership and then reference ASA licences and monthly training fees as separate transactions.

We are happy to accept meet entry fees online but please enter the online banking reference onto the bottom of the entry form so we can match your entries with payments.

We have a new membership form this year so please make sure you download the new version from the link below. ASA Category 1/2/3 can be found in the same area.


Membership fees remain the same but we have made a change to the family membership.
The price is the same but a family membership now includes 2 x Category 3 licences. We have done this to encourage more of you to get involved with the club and crucially to enable us to make use of your help both on and off poolside. Please note that if you do not wish to make use of the inclusive category 3 licences you cannot offset any other type of licence against this.

Check Appendix A of the membership form to determine the correct licence.

ASA Licence

If you are renewing, you will know that each swimmer has to obtain an ASA licence whether they intend to compete or not. Most of our swimmers will complete the Category 2 licence which enables them to swim in most open meets. If you think you/your child will not compete in any competitions (with the exception of club championships) throughout the year then you will be able to complete the Category 1 licence. If you do decide to go for the Category 1 licence, please be aware that if you change your mind throughout the course of the year and upgrade your licence to Category 2 you will be liable for the whole licence fee.

Category 3 licences are available for non-swimmers and club helpers. Most of our Category 3 members are relatives of children who swim with the club. The club could not function without the help we receive from these volunteers in the day to day running of the club and at meets throughout the year.

Licence fees have increased slightly on last year so please make sure you check Appendix B of the membership form.

Training Fees

Our lifeguarding fees are set to rise considerably in the New Year due to new GLL safety requirements but membership levels are increasing so we have decided to keep training fees the same for as long as we can.

See Appendix C of the membership form for squad fees.

The club processes hundreds of financial transactions within a single month through the bank and club desk and as you can imagine this is a heavy burden on our volunteers. Please help us reduce this by paying your training fees through a monthly standing order with each swimmer referenced separately rather than all lumped into one payment together.

The committee would like to say that we are all very proud of our swimmers, not just for their successes in competition but also for the commitment, dedication and attitude they bring to their training sessions.

We would also like to thank the many volunteers who help at all levels throughout the year from coaching to officiating to fund raising. The swimmers are very lucky to have you all.
If anybody has any problems or questions please see a member of the committee or email (Diane Bryant) and I will attempt to answer you.

The committee wishes you a very Happy Christmas & best wishes for the New Year.