2019 Cumbria Open Water League

2019 Cumbria Open Water League

2019 Cumbria Open Water League

Message from COWL

Since issuing the COWL entry conditions I have received a number of inquiries relating to the mandatory Derwent Epic Swim. There are a number of competitors who have advised they are unable to compete in July for a variety of reasons. When launching the COWL it was recognised that this may happen, however since this is the first year of running the League with the intention of promoting open water swimming in Cumbrian clubs it feels counter productive to exclude keen open water swimmers from the event.

The Jetty exit point in Derwent may, or may not have an affect on the times, however there are many other variables in open water swimming that may also affect a swimmers time over a given distance.

For this reason a decision has been taken to remove the mandatory element of the Derwent Epic swim. Swimmers are free to enter whichever two (or more) Epic swims they choose. The final League table will be reviewed at the end of the season with a view to making improvements.

The amendments are as follows:

Section 2 - new condition added

b) Swimmers wishing to participate in the COWL, MUST register by email the following details to markn_ows@yahoo.com : the events entered, date of birth or age category, club and ASA membership number. This is for administration of the COWL purposes only and will not be used or shared for any other reason.

Section 2 – condition removed

c) Due to a different water exit strategy in the Epic Derwent event (by means of a floating jetty) the Epic Derwent swim will be a mandatory event for all competitors as part of the COWL in 2019.
Many Thanks and apologies for any confusion caused.

Mark Newby
Cumbria ASA Open Water Secretary