2017 Results of Feedback Request

2017 Results of Feedback Request

Firstly, on behalf of the committee I would like to say thank you to those of you who completed a feedback form and found the time to write comments.  It was good to hear that the majority of you and/or your children are generally happy at the club and we were pleased to receive appreciative comments.  It always helps to get a thank you every now and then!

We had a return feedback of 18 responses which is not great but does allow us to draw some conclusions.  The raw results can be found here but we have summarised as follows:

  • 78% of you currently use the website and/or Facebook to get information, the “grapevine” comes second at 44% with the coaching team third at 28%. 
  • Half of you rate communication at the club as average – the rest distributed fairly equally either side
  • The top 3 subjects you would like more information on:
    • Competition (all of it)
    • Squad/lane progression
    • How you or your child is progressing

We do take note of the fact that you would like more information on everything else as well.  We have some work to do!  It is good to note that Safeguarding came in at the bottom.  We are assuming that this means your children feels safe at the club but please let us know if you have any concerns.

  • Email, Website, Facebook, one to one communication and a club newsletter seem to be the favoured options for communication but again most of the methods were popular.

Some of you wrote exhaustive comments which we are grateful for (not published).  Plenty of ideas, suggestions and constructive criticism were given which will allow us to draw up an action plan to help improve how the club communicates and moves forward.

The overriding thread running through this feedback is that the club could do more to communicate with its members in a number of areas.  In reality I think that if we can move towards more consistent communication then I think we would see a more cohesive club where all the members are striving for the same goals.

Sometimes it is easy for the members (as we all are) to become demanding of what ‘we’ should or should not do. As a volunteer putting in many hours of unpaid work it is also all too easy to take this personally even though it may not have been meant as such.

It is important to remind ourselves that the club does not employ any staff, all of the work is carried out by volunteers in and around increasingly busy lives. We put in as much or as little as we can and we should all be proud of our contribution to the club.

One of the first action points will be to implement a continual improvement plan which will encourage members to give constructive feedback on an ongoing basis without fear of judgement or upset.

Mike Scales has initiated an email newsletter service – register here.  We are currently working on putting the first issue together but as you can imagine this will take a huge amount of work to get going and then to maintain on a frequent basis.  It would be extremely useful if you could send in articles, results from competitions, anecdotes, ideas, images for the image gallery and anything else you can think of to help us maintain this.  If there are only 1 or 2 people putting this together it will inevitably become too much work so, please send your comments, articles and pictures to newsletter@carlisleaquatics.co.uk. 


We were very grateful to receive your volunteer forms, extra offers of help are always well received.  I am currently collating the forms and will be in touch with you all shortly but in the short term we will need offers of help for the intra club competition on 11th June.  Considering most of our club swimmers will be competing, I would hope that there are a number of parents/members willing to offer help on the day either in setting up, poolside help, timekeeping, announcing, fund raising, refreshments etc.  the list is endless!

I will attach a volunteer sheet to the noticeboard.  Please enter your name and how/what you would be willing to help with.

Thank you again!

Diane Bryant

Masters Secretary

Carlisle Aquatics